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Birthdays & Anniversaries

MARCH 2022


2th - Mark Jason
3th - Feba Jason
5th - Edith
8th - Lilly K
9th - Achsah B    
11th - Fatima G    
12th - Ryan Dcosta    
12th - Nirav Shah    
14th - Soccour G    
17th - Poornima A    
18th - Alverna     
18th - Sonali Ghosh    
20th - Gopal S    
20th - Lata J    
21th - John V    
21th - Skye C    
26th - Nancy Mathew    
26th - Amit K    
27th - Milton     
27th - Sarah Eapen    
28th - Delphin    
28th - Chitra    
29th - Deepika    
30th - Shirisha    
31th - Sunita Alvares    


1th - Guru & Jyostna

6th - Ryan & Jennifer
7th - Ajit & Remy
8th - Dharmesh & Gen    
12th - Suresh & Prachi    
27th -Vinu & Julie     

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